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Celebrating 44 years may not seem like a major event in the scale of things, but the Aqualung was only invented 67 years ago, and became commercially available in France three years later. But scuba diving as a recreational sport really only began 55 years ago - so 42 years of dive publishing means we've been around a very long time!

For four decades Sportdiving Magazine has consistently informed its readers about the best dive destinations worldwide by publishing reports from real dive travellers. Sportdiving features stories and articles from industry experts covering the hottest new destinations, technical diving, critter and species specials, digital photography, wreck diving, natural history, news and issues, equipment, and much more.

To this day Sportdiving Magazine remains the longest established scuba diver magazine in the Asia/Pacific region. It's also now the only Australian owned-and-published scuba title with international readership, and one of a handful of dive magazines worldwide still owned and published by divers.

Read worldwide by discerning divers...

90,000 print copies of Sportdiving circulate worldwide every year.

International marketing data claims 3-7 add-on (extra) readers sight each printed magazine copy - on that basis, 270,000-630,000 consumers can access Sportdiving every year.


  • Age: 18 - 50 years
  • Gender: 59% male - 41% female
  • Income: US$50,000 - $100,000 per year
  • Occupation: business owners, managers & professionals, including dive shop owners, dive industry professionals and dive instructors
  • Interests: travel, sports, outdoor activities


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You have consistently mesmerized your readers in the highest quality diving magazine ever produced and I am honored, proud, and grateful to have been a modest part...

Jean-Michel Cousteau
Founder & President, Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society

Forty years of fine publishing, bringing the diving news to all us diving enthusiasts. Well done, you are the best. We salute you...

Ron & Valerie Taylor

As the publisher of Canada's DIVER Magazine, I'm often asked "What's your favourite dive-mag" or "What's the best dive-mag". Unfortunately, they are not the same. My favourite is my own DIVER Magazine. The best is Australia's Sportdiving Magazine - no contest...

Phil Nuytten
Publisher & Senior Editor DIVER Magazine Canada